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Drafting an Estate Plan that Protects Your Future

At our firm, our clients come first. We have helped numerous people protect their family's futures, using our experience to draft, review, enforce, and administer their wills. A highly rated and recommended attorney, our estate planning lawyer is also a former business owner. If you need to create a will, you can rely on Flatiron Legal Advisors, LLC, where our Boulder eeills lawyers combine our financial and legal insights with a proven dedication to clients.

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The Purposes & Benefits of Creating a Will

At our firm, we understand what is at stake for you and your family, and we are prepared to offer the exceptional service you need to cover all your legal bases. This includes making sure that you have control over the major decisions for your family's future. If you don't make a will, Colorado laws will dictate the future of your property and your loved ones' inheritances.

If you create a will, however, you get to be the one who:

Drafting & Executing Wills

  • Decides which people and organizations will receive your property
  • Names a guardian for your children
  • Chooses someone to manage the property you leave to your children
  • Selects a personal representative who will ensure that the terms of your will are fulfilled
  • States how you want your medical care to be handled if you are incapacitated.

Why hire an attorney for a will?

Wills are just one of several aspects of estate planning. There are many legal steps involved in drafting and executing a will; without effective legal guidance throughout these procedures, an otherwise straightforward process can become a legal nightmare. Our lawyers in Boulder County know how important it is for our clients’ wills to fulfill the purposes they were created for.

A skilled attorney can protect your best interests and secure your legacy. Regardless of how complicated your estate planning may seem, explore your options with our firm and find an effective solution that will prepare the future for you and your loved ones. Whether you’re preparing to draft a will or are confronting issues during the execution of a will, contact our Boulder estate planning firm today!

If you work with our trustworthy team, you are guaranteed compassionate and zealous guidance. We are ready to provide cost-effective representation, starting with a free case review. Whether you are considering wills, trusts or other methods of estate planning, we are ready to help you ensure that your wishes are carried out. When you need accessible legal support, were are here for you, ready to start discussing your unique circumstances and estate planning needs.

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