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Most Colorado Landlords Now Must Give 5 or 10 day Demand for Rent or Compliance

Colorado House Bill 19-1118, signed into law on May 20, 2019, changes the time frame in which certain landlords must give notice to tenants prior to commencing eviction proceedings for failure to pay rent or for a first or subsequent violation of any other condition or covenant in a lease other than a substantial violation. Now, instead of having to give 3 days notice, under most residential lease agreements, a landlord is required to give 10 days notice. Under a nonresidential or an employer-provided housing agreement, a landlord still is required to give 3 days notice. For an exempt residential agreement, meaning for the lease of a single family home (condos and townhomes are not detached single family homes) by a landlord who owns 5 or fewer single family rental homes, 5 days notice is required. This is a big change for landlords, since it can slow down the eviction process by a week, which could impact the timeline for getting a new tenant into the property and paying rent.