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Dave Rich is phenomenal! I couldn't have asked for a better attorney to help me in such a difficult time!

"Dave Rich is phenomenal! My battle took just over a year but he stuck with it & showed his dedication in fighting for what my children & I needed. I'm a single mother with limited income, Dave takes proper steps to keep costs low. He is very dedicated and diligent! The opposing party and his attorney were very difficult to work with, but Dave pushed back and showed he can stand up to the challenges that were presented to us. Every challenge was met by a proper rebuttal backed by logic and facts that could not be argued. Dave was even able to achieve being awarded fees from the opposing party in one instance! This really helped us out and reduced my costs. I'm very pleased with Mr. Rich's responsiveness & commitment to helping protect ,my family's needs. I had limited time available to discuss matters with him during business hours but he took time after business hours to talk with me about the issues that needed addressed. I have worked in a law firm myself before and have never found an attorney to be more open and available than Mr. Rich! I couldn't have asked for a better attorney to help me in such a difficult time! I'm so very grateful for his coaching.”

– Anonymous

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