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Many life-changing decisions will come up when a couple decides to legally terminate their marriage. In addition to the legal issues that will arise, a separating couple will have to resolve issues involving the family home, marital property, children, and division of assets. It can be easy to get caught up in the moment, but making snap decisions can ultimately cause lasting effects not only on the final outcome of your divorce, but even on the development of your children.

Legal decisions regarding the division of assets, property, debts, and other financial matters will require the assistance of a skilled Boulder divorce attorney. Generally speaking, the higher the net worth, the higher the stakes will be for both parties. At Flatiron Legal Advisors, LLC, we have the legal and financial knowledge that is required to help you address the division of your property. We can be at your side every step of the way and help you understand your rights as you consider the long-term and short-term impacts of your divorce.

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The state of Colorado is an equitable distribution state, which means that marital assets must be distributed equitably. This process does not necessarily mean that property will be divided equally; rather, the distribution will be made under the discretion of what the court rules is "fair."

Property subject to equitable distribution can include:

  • Loans and debts
  • Stocks, trusts, and bonds
  • Investment assets
  • Mutual funds
  • Insurance policies and retirement plans
  • 401(k) and IRA accounts
  • Cash and traveler's checks
  • Intellectual property, copyrights, and royalties
  • Family-owned business or corporation
  • Property, such as jewelry, art, antiques, collectibles, and vehicles
  • Real property, such as land, vacation homes, commercial properties, or rental properties
  • Other hidden accounts

In many high net worth divorce cases, pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements can play an essential role in the division of the couple's property. We prepare every case as if it were going to trial, even if it doesn't need to go to court. By preparing your case to the fullest extent, you can know that we are ready to handle any element of surprise. We always have an eye toward protecting your finances, best interests, and rights during every aspect of your legal process.

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As a successful business entrepreneur, Attorney David Rich completely understands the significance of having a lawyer who has is familiar with how financial matters play a significant role in a divorce. We can successfully handle divorce cases involving financial portfolios and assets of any size. If necessary, we can uncover any hidden assets and consult a network of forensic accountants who can bring undisclosed accounts, debts, or finances to light.

Everyone who gets married invests in the relationship - some invest more. If you are involved in a high net worth divorce, don't go another moment without the quality representation that you deserve. We work hard to keep your legal matters out of the public eye and minimize your courtroom exposure whenever possible.

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