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Limited Liability Company (LLC)

$595.00 all-inclusive Colorado LLC

At Flatiron Legal Advisors, LLC, we offer transparent, fixed fee prices for most of our services.

For $595.00 (for single member LLCs*), we do all the work necessary to form and register LLC, which includes:

  • Preparing the Articles of Organization
  • Filing the Articles of Organization with the Colorado Secretary of State (including filing fees)
  • Preparing the LLC Operating Agreement*
  • Obtaining the LLC's employer identification number ("EIN") from the IRS
  • Providing you with guidance on operating your LLC to maximize its limited liability protection.

*Multiple member operating agreements are $200 extra.

If you are planning to transfer real estate to your LLC, we can prepare the deed and statement of authority needed for the LLC for an additional $150 for each property. For help in this process, it is beneficial to have an experienced lawyer by your side to make sure all legal proceedings are handled accurately. This process can be complex and we are prepared to help walk you through it.

What is an LLC?

A Limited Liability Company is a business structure that combines elements of a partnership or sole proprietorship with elements of a corporation. The LLC members (i.e., owners) are protected from personal liability for business debts and claims, similar to corporation owners. This means that if an LLC has debts or is at risk of a lawsuit, the owner's personal assets are generally protected. LLCs are also easier to operate than a corporation, as LLCs do not have to follow all of the formalities of a corporation (such as annual meetings, etc.)

The owners of LLCs can elect to be taxed as a partnership (reporting their business profits and losses on their personal tax returns) or as a corporation, depending on which is more beneficial.

Finally, in this day and age when anyone can easily search for home owner's names on the county assessor's web site and find out where you live, an LLC also provides its owners with personal privacy, as an LLC can hold real estate, including the owner's home, in the LLC's name, making it nearly impossible to find out where you live, what your home is worth, etc. without your consent.

Flatiron Legal Advisors, LLC Can Help With Your LLC

Whether you are interested in forming an LLC, or if you have questions or concerns about an LLC, we can help. We have years of experience assisting individuals with the documents and filings required to form a Colorado LLC. On top of that, we are familiar with the differences and unique details with an LLC versus corporations and revocable or living trusts.

If you enlist our services, you are guaranteed:

  • Experienced guidance
  • Personalized attention and advice
  • Skilled and zealous representation
  • Transparent fees
  • A free initial consultation

Team up with a lawyer from Flatiron Legal Advisors, LLC for the trustworthy and experienced representation that you need when dealing with any matters involving a Limited Liability Company.

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